KDE formatting tools for KDE 4 :

Coded by Mickael Minarie (mickael dot minarie at laposte dot net), for the google code. 


Version changes download Work
0.01 can format the usb key Download it no
0.02 fix bug Download it yes, but very buggy
pre0.05 display errors when we need it, add pocessus, add detection for device, add low level format for floppy Download it no
0.05 fix bugs Download it yes, but very buggy
0.06 fix bugs Download it yes
0.07 add floppy in the list, remove the non drive in the list Download it yes
0.1 alpha1 fix bugs, improve the interface, add the detection of filesystems installed, add What's this button and tooltip Download it yes
0.1 alpha2 fix bug, clean the code, comment the code, change the name (because Kformat is already used), add a script for install it. Download it yes
0.1beta fix bugs, improve the installation script, test on some platform ... Download it yes
0.1beta2 add size display when the program is called with argument, fix script, add support for international and french translation, add integration with KDE3 Download it yes
0.1 RC1 fix a bug in the combobox displaying, add media:/dev/sda(or the command like this) support in command line, add an icon. Download it yes

To DO now
fix the error with the detection program crash in function ListMountPoint::GetMP()
On 17/07/06 17:15 fix
fix error when the formatted program is started fix it on 19/07/06 11:00
fix bug in the windows when the formatted program works I failled to correct it.
fix the display of size to have the size in kb,mb or gb need to change the reading of /proc/partition
On 17/07/06 17:55 fix
fix error to detect floppy drive (now it don't detect it) need to add fd if exists in ListMountPoint::GetList()
I find how to know if if a gloppy drive is connected.
Fix on 25/01/06
fix the displaying or /dev/sd fix on 19/07/06 16:00
need to remove the /mdm in the list of device Fix on 25/01/06
add a better description of unit for begginer I try to add this, If you have a better idea, please mail me.
add the changing of size for floppy I add it but I have some incompatibily with some drive, If you want to try run the program with -f option
add a script configure and a .deb package I failled to make it, if someone know a good tutorial, please mail me, i am struck on this !!!
add an icon in the window I Draw something in the screen but it is not what I want in the beginning, I failled to change a QPixmap when the program is running
make documentation with Doxygen ok
clean the code ok
make a manual ok
make the integration with KDE Now, I cannot do that because KDE 4 is not ready but I can prepare it with the argument passing in the program. I make a .desktop file for konkeror